The future lies in environmental protection

From forests to customers, we follow the entire production process of our products, assessing their characteristics and benefits, and working with responsible and environmentally-caring suppliers. Many of our current partners comply with the main certification systems, which are the base to select new products. We strive to ensure a sparing use of energy and raw materials, and to respect the environment we all live in. This is why Legnopan S.p.A. has been certified according to standard ISO 9001 for over 10 years, and, since 2011, also according to standards FSC® and PEFC™.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system certificate. Standard ISO 9001 specifies the requirements of a quality management system. The standard shows an organization's ability to provide products or services compliant with its customers' requirements and with current regulations. Adopting a quality management system is a strategic risk prevention and handling tool, aimed at customer's satisfaction, increasing the value of the services and products offered, and improving the company's performance.

FSC and PEFC certifications

FSC and PEFC certifications ensure the traceability of materials coming from correctly managed and certified forests. Those certifications prove that a company works in a responsible manner, from an environmental, economic and social standpoint, and in a correct, transparent and controlled way, promoting a responsible forest management. FSC and PEFC certifications refer to wood, wood-based products and wood by-products.