Research and Innovation

Passion drives us to support great market challenges

We are guided by the passion for innovation and by a constant search for new solutions. We support important investments, with the aim of tackling the market challenges even more effectively and efficiently, by offering an increasingly thorough and accurate service to all our customers.

Marketing investment

Constant investments in marketing and communication strategies, help us to always be in step with times. Catalogues, samples, web & social tools help our sales network in offering our products, and customers in choosing the right one for them. Our quarterly magazine informs the market on trends and updates, newsletters help us spread new services and promoting current products, while the web and social media help us reduce distances and interact with our customers. Everything contributes to creating a complete communication system, to be closer to our interlocutors, all the time, in a concrete and interactive way. Our showroom is an opportunity for our customers to showcase their work and projects.

Automatic plant

The new free-standing automatic plant with automated picking system help us to increase the quantity of stock items, while ensuring higher speed and accuracy when preparing orders, and entirely preventing the risk of damaging the goods during the process.

Legnopan order

With the Legnopan Order application, accessible to all our customers, you can see all data on stock items, their price and the expected delivery date. You can read the technical datasheets and see pictures of all materials, and you can fill out the order in complete autonomy, saving precious time. A responsive tool, perfect to consult from any device, 24/7, with information updated in real-time.

SAP S4 HANA management software

In January 2021, we adopted a new management software. Another step forward, to be even more efficient with our customers, and compatible with international partners. SAP helps us to standardize procedures, giving quicker, more accurate and complete replies to our customers. This new tool helps us speak our suppliers' language, reducing processing times and improving efficiency.

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