Plywood Plated

Panel with plywood base poplar 5 layers with 1 or 2 faces covered, by gluing, with sliced wood with a nominal thickness of 0,6 mm. Note: it is possible to have the 3-layer panel. ON REQUEST A / R 3020X1250 mm ON REQUEST A / R 3020X1250 mm FIR, MAPLE EU, BIRCH, CHESTNUT, EU CHERRY, USA CHERRY, DOUGLAS, DOUSSIE ', BEECH, MAHOGANY, WALNUT, PINE, TOULIPIE', WENGE ', YELLOW PINE, ZEBRANO

TANGANIKA: Dimensions: 3120X1250 A/R mm Thickness: 04 mm
Dimensions: 3120x1860 mm A/R Thickness: 08 mm
FRASSINO: Dimensions: 2510X1860 mm Thhickness: 08 mm
ROVERE EU: Dimensions: 3020X1250 mm Thickness: 04 mm
Dimensions: 3120x1850 AR Thickness: 08 mm
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